Monday, February 26, 2007

What a load of #$#@!

and a hot, steaming pile of #$#@! to boot!

I assume most people have read or heard about the 'discovery' of the 'Tomb of Jesus, Mrs. Jesus, Jesus' Mom, and Boy Jesus'. It would be funny if it weren't a blasphemous attempt at undercutting the Christian Faith. Suffice it to say that Miriam, Yehesuha, and Joseph were very common names among the Jews.

The whole thing reminds me of this old joke: It seems two German scripture scholars were touring the Holy Land and they ran across an archaeological dig. They introduced themselves to the lead archaeologist, who, when he found out they were scripture scholars, said that they were about to open a tomb that the scholars would find particularly interesting. When they approached the door of the tomb, they saw that the inscription read: Here Lies Jesus of Nazareth. Breathlessly, they waited for the stone to be removed. Gazing inside, they saw the sarcophagus containing a skeleton. One scholar turned to the other and exclaimed, "Mein Gott! He really did exist!"
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