Monday, February 05, 2007

We must stop Human-caused Global Tectonic Change now!

It is a scientific fact! The Earth's crust is moving! Continents are drifting toward and away from each other. If this planetary location change is not stopped, someday we might be next-door neighbors to France! Somewhere there is a likely a 'scientist' who thinks this is all due to the presence of human beings. (You know, "Too many humans putting pressure on the plates, yada yada yada....") We have to do our part to reduce human tectonic pressure!

Don't buy this? Think it is ludicrous to think that people can affect the motion of tectonic plates? I agree. But I think a good case can be made that all the hype about global warming uses the same kind of logic. We know that the climate has changed in the past and can infer that it will change in the future. Claims for human caused climate change are based on a less than 150 years of data (much less outside of Europe and North America). I have real problems with people claiming human caused climate shift is a fact and because it is a fact that we need to act on it. (For more, click here.)

What brought this rant on? Some 'Social-Justice-Idiot''s comment elsewhere that, " If you are truly pro life - then you embrace all of the issues that affect humanity. Such as Climate Change - after all - if we do not have a planet that humans can inhabit - then I guess the abortion issue would be solved? Correct?"

(BTW before I get flamed, a Social-Justice-Idiot is someone who distorts the Church's teaching, social or otherwise, to fit his left-wing socialist agenda. Dorthy Day was NOT a social-justice-idiot. The current Catholic Worker movement is full of them. And yes, it would be just as wrong to do it with right-wing capitalist agenda.)

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