Friday, February 09, 2007

Rainbow Fish attacks continue

Whenever I see 'Pride' in the title of an event, I know something goofy is going on. (Whether it be Gaypride, Paganpride, or Adulterypride.) Pride events almost always are about things that people ought to be ashamed of.

My first exposure, for lack of a better word, to a Pride event was in the Summer of 1988. I was working for the Salt Lake City Parks Department. The previous year the Gaypride event had left our park a shambles. (Condoms were hanging from the trees as well as other things I won't elaborate on.) So my supervisor and I were assigned to watch over the event to prevent damage to the facilities. I had already spent over a month running 'cruisers' out of the restrooms, so I wasn't too happy. Between the flag parade by the gay motorcycle club and the dancers I saw things I never wanted to see again. (Add to this the fact that I lost $15 at the Dunk-a-Dyke Booth.)

Well, it seems that Salt Lake now has a WinterPride event. And part of WinterPride is the WinterPride Interfaith Service:

WinterPride Interfaith Service

On Saturday, February 10th, 2007 at 5:00pm at the First Baptist Church of Salt Lake, faiths of various traditions are preparing this inclusive service for GLBT people, their families, friends and allies in a celebration of "whom we love, and what we believe".
This second annual service is part of the 2007 Salt Lake City WinterPride festival "10 GAY DAYS!" Feb. 9th -18th, and plays an active role in accomplishing the festival's goal of providing something for everyone.
Valerie Larabee, Executive Director of the Utah Pride Center explained, "This is just one more example of the humanity and depth of the GLBT community. This service exemplifies how our community does have values and those values are inclusive of diverse individuals and faiths."
Russ Gorringe, the event coordinator is proud to be part of such a wonderful event and thrilled with the level and diversity of the participants this year. This year's program includes:

Russ Gorringe – Reconciliation and Affirmation, Reverand Dee Bradshaw – Sacred Light of Christ Metropolitan Community Church, Maureen Duffy-Boose – Covenant of Unitarian Universalist Pagans, Reverand Scott Weisser – First Baptist Church, Kamrin Carver – The Lavendar Tribe, Father Bob Bussen – St. Mary's Catholic Church of Park City, The Salt Lake Men's Choir, Chet Cannon – Kanzeon Zen Center, Elaine Emmi – Society of Friends (Quakers of Salt Lake City), Reverand Erin Gilmore – Holladay United Church of Christ

Does anyone think this represents the values and teachings of the Catholic Faith? Draw your own conclusions. (HT to Anonymous Tip)
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