Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Pyro Priest Strikes

Hi, my name is Father Erik and I am a pyro. I have always been a pyro, just ask my mom. From battle effects in the sandbox using gasoline and Little Green Army Men to the manufacture of napalm in high school, fire has fascinated me. (I have been fairly safe with it. The exception being 4 years ago when I burnt off an inch of hair and my eyebrows lighting a gas fireplace. Word to the wise. Light the match BEFORE you turn on the gas.)

Now I have turned my pyromania to the service of Holy Mother Church. Slacker priests buy their ashes from church good companies. (These are the same fellow who buy their altar bread from commercial enterprises instead of holy, cloistered nuns.) REAL priests make their own from last year's Passion Sunday palms. I had a lot of people turn in their old palms this year; a whole hefty bag full. I spent a good part of yesterday burning them. (Fire, heheheh, fire.) Today, I grind them up. Presto! Ashes for Ash Wednesday.

(Wait until you see the fire I have planned for the Easter Vigil!)
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