Friday, February 02, 2007

Arrggghhhh! What is going on here?

Every year St. Catherine of Sienna Parish (which also serves as the Newman Center at the University of Utah) host the Aquinas Lecture. Under the patronage of the Angelic Doctor, this lecture series has presented Utah which such notable Catholic dissenters and nutjobs as Richard Rohr, Monica Hellwig, and Michael Crosby. (Crosby's lecture was so bad that it provoked Archbishop Neiderauer, then our bishop, to write a rebuttal in the diocesan newspaper.)
This is who they are 'gifting' us with this year:

Miriam Therese Winter, Medical Mission Sister, Hartford Seminary's Professor of Liturgy, Worship, Spirituality, Feminist Studies
Director of the Women's Leadership Institute


February 10: Join us for a chili dinner at 6:30 PM followed by "Spirituality In A World Of Change" by Sr. Miriam Therese Winter; musician, professor, author, retreat leader, and medical missionary sister.

February 11: Join Sr. Miriam Therese Winter again at 2:00 PM for "The Spirit In Our Lives."

Both talks are FREE and open to everyone. Please check out her website at:

Hartford Seminary is a Congregationalist institution. Sr. Miriam is the author of: Out of the Depths:The Story of Ludmila Javarova, Ordained Roman Catholic Priest. This book is about a woman who was possibly invalidly ordained as a priest by an underground bishop in Czechoslovakia. (No woman can be validly ordained anymore than the Eucharist can be celebrated with pizza and beer.) It does not appear that Sr. Miriam recognizes the invalidity of the ordination and her book argues from this event from the ordination of women. Lets be clear about this boys and girls, this position is directly repugnant to the infallible teaching of the Church. To hold this position is to be a heretic plain and simple. Here is a sympathetic review of the book by the dissenting organization FutureChurch. FutureChurch also likes her book eucharist with a small “e”. Sister also backs the heretical and neo-pagan Woman-Church Movement.

This woman is being invited to speak at a Newman Parish! I though that the purpose of Catholic Campus Ministries was to strengthen the faith of students in an environment where it is often attacked and to witness to the Faith in places where It is held in contempt. It seems that I have been mistaken. It looks as though their mission is to undermine the Faith and to provide at platform for the teaching of heresy and dissent.

I have often thought that Newman Centers and Campus Ministries are the weakest link in Catholic education. All too often they seem to become hostage to dissent to refugees from the 1970s. They ought to be placed in the care of our most orthodox and vibrant priests, but in my experience they seldom are. Is it any wonder then that vocations are down and many Catholics loose their faith during college?

(Many thanks to an anonymous reader for bringing this to my attention.)
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