Wednesday, January 10, 2007

New hymn of the week

Found on the 74th comment on Fr. Z's post mentioned in my preceeding post:

“Father, Turn East!”(Sung to the tune of ‘People Look East,’ French Trad.)
1. People look East! A man sits there.

Tabernacles were located where
Tables were made, gradines were blunted,
Christ our Lord off to the side was shunted.
People look East at mass today;
See the fashions of the day.

2. When you pray, reach your hands aloft!
Seems God’s arms aren’t long e-noff!!
Pop music’s nice in any weather;
Chant is good, but our sound-system is better.
Liturgies change each day or two,
That’s the fruit of Vatican II.

3. Father turn East, you’ll miss the spate
Of the faithful who come to mass late.
Send a mes-sage to those who back-slide,
Dir-rec-tion-al-ly show to them your back-side.
Turn to the East, as if to say
“Sixties’ laxity’s passing away!”

4. Turn to the East! The time has come;
Put “Lay Ministers” under your thumb!
Prayerful intents beat fascination
With so-called active participation!
Father turn East at mass today.
Versus Populum’s clearly passe!!
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