Monday, January 29, 2007

Forgive me if I do not shed tears over this man's death.

Fr. Robert Drinan SJ died at the age of 86. But I will shed tears for his life. Here is a man of obvious intelligence and skill. I also have to believe that he embraced the teachings of the Church at some time in his life. Yet, somewhere along the way he rejected the clear teachings of the Church in favor of the ideology of American Secular Liberalism. Instead of using his position in Congress to advance the Gospel, he became a pro-abortion, left-wing shill and he continued in this role for the rest of his life. He has much to answer for. I also shed tears for the fact that his superiors in the Jesuits did NOTHING to stop his dissent. (Not to mention the bishops who continued to grant him faculties in their dioceses.) I will pray for the man. He needs prayers; lots of prayers. I only hope they are able to do him some good.
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