Saturday, December 23, 2006

"What time is Midnight Mass?" and other obnoxious questions.

Last Easter I was tempted to go up on the roof with the M-14. Every other minute the phone was ringing with questions about the Mass schedule. (Yes, in one way that is a good thing. But, if they had been coming to Mass the rest of the year, they would know.) During the I could cope. However, it was when the phone rang after midnight that the old BP began to rise. "Umm, hi. I thought I would get a machine. What time is Mass?" Some of us still answer the phone in case it is a sick call.

This shouldn't be a problem this year. Our old phone system was dying. We replaced it with a new one. When I go to bed all I have to do is press a button and it goes to the automated attendant before it rings. (Don't worry. There is an emergency option on the menu that will ring into the rectory.)

I still pick up the phone though during the day. And I am dreading the question, "What time is Midnight Mass?" I know. It isn't a stupid question. There are a lot of slackers out there who have moved it to a time earlier in the evening. Fr. Stephanos has even pointed out that the Latin rubrics state that it is a Mass during the Night. However, the common understanding of Midnight Mass is Mass at midnight. So in my opinion, Midnight Mass should be at Midnight. End of story.

And no, Sunday morning Mass does not count for for Christmas and Christmas Eve Mass does not count for Sunday. As I told the folks last weekend, "NO LITURGICAL DOUBLE DIPPING!"
(See Jimmy Akin's post on this.)
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