Tuesday, December 19, 2006

The Priest, the Flu, and the Worst Christmas Ever

Sorry about the lack of posts over the last week. It is penance service season and I am having my annual winter bout with the flu. (Father, why don't you get a flu shot? Because the shot makes my sick and I get the flu anyway. Next question.) I will spare you the gory medical details. Suffice it to say, getting through the Mass schedule last weekend was tons of fun.

Being a priest is a lot like being a teacher. If a bug is out there, odds are that you are going get it. Personally, I blame Communion under both species from the Chalice. At my last parish, the year I gave Communion by intinction was the first in a long a time that I didn't get sick at all during the winter.

Which brings me to 'The Worst Christmas Ever'. At about 10:00 PM on Christmas Eve, I came down with rip-roaring case of gastrointestinal flu. I tried to make it through Midnight Mass, but only made it through the Gospel. I skipped right to the Consecration, directed the Extraordinary Ministers to give out Holy Communion, and ran for the restroom. It was not a fun night. At about 4:00 AM, as I was stretched out on the nice, cool bathroom floor, my prayer was, "Oh Lord, please just let me die now." I did recover enough by the morning to do the Christmas Day Mass, though with ALL the optional parts left out. And later in the day the nice lady from across the street brought me a ton of the world's best chicken soup.

End of ramble.
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