Thursday, November 09, 2006

A victory for the seamless garment!

...unfortunately, it is a condom.

It has taken me a few days to collect my thoughts concerning the election. Last week we had the holy days, First Friday, the Our Lady of Fatima Conference, the clothing of a secular Carmelite, and I had to bury my senior deacon on Tuesday. To say I am tired is an understatement. But here goes.

To say I am disappointed is an understatement. The Republican Congress has certainly had its faults over the last few years, but they were nothing compared to those under the long reign of the Democrats. Barney Frank anyone? And the Republicans actually dealt with theirs. How anyone can expect it to be better under Pelosi and Reid is beyond me.

The prospects for social conservatism have gotten dim. Anyone think a Sam Alito will get past Ted Kennedy as chair of the judiciary committee. This is to say nothing of other federal appointments. Embryonic stem cell research, federal gay rights legislation, higher taxes, more useless federal social program are all in the works. We can only hope that the President will sharpen his veto pen. Iraq isn't Vietnam II now but it will be if the Demos have their way.

What bothers me the most is our Church in the United States helped bring this about. The Seamless Garment types in chanceries helped to confuse milk-toast prudential judgments of USCCB bureaucrats with the Church's real moral teachings. Even if the Iraq war is wrong (which I do not believe) it pales in comparison with the Democrat sponsored holocaust of abortion. (Yes, I know there are pro-abortion Republicans, but at least the party is pro-life and pro-life causes have fared well under the current administration.) I hope the are pleased with themselves. The sad thing is that they are. What are a few babies compared to a higher minimum wage and single payer health care?

Well there is the rant. Likely, it won't be that bad. Let us pray that the President will hold firm and that the Republican Party will return to the principles of Ronald Reagan.
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