Tuesday, October 17, 2006

More Evil 1970s Artifacts Found, This Time In The RE Building

As promised, here they are; more evil artifacts. As we were installing the new phone system, I happened to open up a closet. Beside some ugly, polyester maniples dating from the 1960s, I found some song books and vinyl albums dating from mid 1960s through mid 1970s. (For our younger readers, vinyl albums are proto-CDs.) We have some junk from the Living Dead (aka The St. Louis Jesuits), the former Fr. Carey Landry, albums that went along with a Sadlier catechism series (more St. Louis Jebbie drek), some nuns with guitars, and even one which proclaims "Your parish can sing this Kyrie every Sunday!" (Shudder!) One of the blessings of being a convert is that I did not have to endure CCD with this stuff.

So far it has been suggested that these be burnt. Myself, I am leaning toward a little skeet practice.
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