Thursday, September 21, 2006

Observations on the current situation

(Attention regular readers! I know the post have been fewer of late, but do not despair. It is simply a busy time of the year and I have had to go to meetings! Ora pro me!)

Previously, I stated my opinion about Pope Benedict's words on Islam. And I will say it again, both he and the emperor he quoted were right. Disagree? Then read some good history on the growth of Islam. (Also, contrast it with the growth of Christianity, especially in the New World where it coincided with conquest.) We have been far too fuzzy and tentative regarding Islam for far too long. The words of the Holy Father were a breath of fresh air. I just hope they don't get stifled by the typical curial wimpiness.

What troubles me is the reaction to the Holy Father. I don't mean the Islamic reaction. Their average reaction was easy enough to predict. They can spout all sort of hate towards Christians and Jews but heaven forbid the rot in their own history is pointed out. Nor do I mean the reaction of the secular media. As they believe in nothing and reject the concept of objective truth, they are simply incapable of understanding the Gospel.

What disturbs me is the reaction of some believers. Of course, there are the anti-Benedict types who say, "See I told you so. He is soooo divisive." (Guess what, so was Jesus.) I thank God that Arch. Fitzgerald wasn't on hand to undercut the Holy Father's words to a greater degree than they already were. But of more concern to me is the opinion that we shouldn't say anything that might offend someone. The truth is more important than any one's sensibilities.
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