Monday, August 14, 2006

Truth in broadcasting

I always arrive early when I go to the movies--I love previews and feel slighted if I don't get at least ten. Now it appears they have a pre preview show. When I went to see Pirates II last week, the pre preview show included an ad for TBS's Skanks in the City reruns. I absolutely loathe that show. (No I have never watched it. The ads are bad enough. And I don't feel the need to taste test Potassium Cyanide either.) If the popularity of that show and Will and Grace aren't signs of societal decay, I don't know what is.

The worst thing about them is that they present the sexual libertine lifestyle as having no adverse consequences. If it were the real world, the cast of Will and Grace would be dying of AIDS by season 3 and wondering why 'safe sex' didn't save them. Skanks in the City would include the principle characters being repeatedly treated for STDs. Maybe there would also be a few cases of physically abusive relationship. They could even do a reunion episode with the principals bemoaning their lack of fertility due to contraceptive use and their inability to have stable relationships caused by their promiscuity. Yup, that is what we need; a little truth in broadcasting.
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