Friday, August 18, 2006

Into each life a few dopes must fall

President Bush is coming, for the second time, to Salt Lake City to address the American Legion convention. And for the second time, Mayor Rocky Anderson is leading a protest against him. Anderson is a train wreck of a mayor. Among other things, he was grand marshall at the Gay Pride Parade. (The summer I worked for the parks department, I had to work that event. I saw things I never wanted to see and ended up spending $10 at the 'Dunk-A-Dyke' booth. No kidding, that was the name.) Now, I think it is tacky for a mayor to lead a protest of the President of the United State when he visits his city. (Imagine the outraged cries if it had been Clinton. Oh that's right, the media only whines for civility if it is for Bubba.)

If that isn't enough, we found out yesterday Cindy Sheehan is coming too. Sigh, my hometown used to be such a nice place. All the granolas will be coming out of the woodwork for this one and no doubt the Diocesan paper will publish a nice fluff piece on this like they did last time.

Over at Pontifications, Fr. Joseph Freeman has a wonderful meditation entitled Everyone you meet was sent to you for your salvation. Now, if I could just figure out how those two fit in.
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