Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Evil 1970s Artifact Found in Old Sacristy

Even though we are in the new church, I am still going through the sacristy of the old church. It is amazing how much crap accumulates over time.

While doing this, I found an artifact of pure liturgical evil. I don't know what it is called. I don't want to know what it is called. All I know is that it was used to inflict folk Masses on innocent people.

Speaking of things found in the sacristry, a friend of mine, while on his 'year of pastoral torture' (working for liberal pastor who was trying to drive him out of formation) found a burlap chasuble with a big yellow smiley face on it hidden in the back of the vestment rack. Also, while visiting a priest friend out of state, he showed me a chasuble that belonged to his pastor. It had multi-colored children's handprints all over it. It gave me the creeps. (It really gave me the creeps when I heard he had been dismissed for child abuse.)

Update 14 August 2006 The smiley face chasuble mentioned about was sighted in Oregon. I have another confirmed sighting of the same in the Diocese of Lincoln in the late 1980s. (It must have been left over from Bishop Casey's tenure.)
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