Saturday, August 12, 2006

The day I officially became an old fogey

I am feeling old this weekend. On Saturday, I witnessed the wedding of a kid I knew during my second assignment as a priest. He was in Junior High then. Now he is studying to be a nurse and married to a nice Catholic girl.

The day I officially became an old fogey was two years ago. My church has always had problems with skateboarders. We have it posted but the little #$#*ers come here anyway and do a fair bit of damage. (Not to mention the insurance liability if one of them got hurt.) I got buzzed by the secretary on the intercom telling me they were out zipping around the property. I called the police, realizing it would do little good since they wouldn't respond in time, and then went out to tell them to get off the property. (In more civilized times, I could have taken after them with a shotgun loaded with rock salt.) There response was predictable, "We aren't hurting anything." I replied, "Yes you are. Your damaging this rails and the concrete. Besides, this is private property. I want you out of here." It quickly degenerated with one of the kids saying, "My dad's gonna talk to you." I replied, "I would LOVE to talk to your dad." They ended up leaving.

As I walked back to the Rectory, I realized I had become the old man waving his cane yelling, "Hey you punks! Get off of my lawn!"

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