Saturday, August 19, 2006

Creativity is all well and good, but...

not during the liturgy. Our worship is not about expressing ourselves, celebrating ourselves, or sharing our talents or ideas. It is about one thing; the worship and adoration of God. In other words, it is about He, not me.

Unfortunately, that is not what the liturginazis seem to think. (Just take a look at the pictures of any of the Masses from the Anaheim RE Conferences.) I still remember the icy glare I got when I told the sister who taught us 'Pastoral Liturgy' that our first concern should be to follow the rubrics.

I once thought up a Punk Rock Mass. The priest would have a Mohawk and wear torn black leather vestments. The Penitenial Rite would start, "Lord have mercy on you scumbags!" We would even have Pulpit Diving into the Congregation/Mosh Pit. Think of the possibilities with Liturgical Slam Dancing!

Anyway, click here for a very creative liturgy. (Biretta Tip to Argent.)
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