Thursday, July 13, 2006

Urgent Action by bishops needed NOW

Here is a little thought experiment for you. Think of something useful the USCCB has done. The only thing that readily comes to my mind is the education related to The DaVinci Code. (This is not to questions the good intentions of the Bishops. Rather the problem is staff in Washington.)

Here is something that they both can and need to do something about: the sale of sacred artifacts. Remember the controversy of the sale of consecrated Hosts on E-bay? That appears to have been taken care of. But go on eBay and look for relics, vestments, vessels, and church appointments. Most of these items are being sold either directly or indirectly by Catholic churches or clergy to anybody. They might end up in an art collection, a Protestant church, or in the hands of occultists. This needs to be stopped. Sacred items should only be transferred within the Church. If no one wants them, they should be appropriately destroyed.

Bishops could forbid this trafficking in holy objects by any person or institution in their jurisdiction. And then they could enforce it.
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