Tuesday, July 18, 2006

General Intercessions

These are one of my (many) pet peeves. While I like the intention (pun intended) the practice in most cases is highly problematic.

What are we supposed to be doing? In a nutshell, as part of our Christian vocation, praying for the needs of the Church and the world. What all too often happens, however, is a litany of particular intentions and ideologically driven statements. Perhaps you have heard, "For Mary who is having surgery today." Of course we should pray for Mary, but in the Intercessions it should be, "For all who are undergoing surgery today...." Or how about, "For a special intention." I am sorry, but if you want me to pray for something, I want to know what it is. Or the time I had three PCPs (Plain Clothes Penguins--non-habited nuns) pray, "That Bill and Hillary will lead us well."

This is why I don't take 'motions from the floor'. I write the intentions before Mass and these are the ones which the lector reads. (Don't get me started on the canned ones from the booklet OCP published. The title should be Politically Correct Intentions.)

I wish that the Latin Rite would have something more like the Maronites. As part of the Anaphora (Canon), there are beautiful prayers that fulfill the same function.
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