Sunday, July 02, 2006

False Advertizing

Diogenes at Off the Record has a chilling post on a group called Spiritual Youth for Reproductive Freedom. (Caution! Only go to this link if you haven't eaten for a few hours.) You can read for yourself about these modern disciples of Moloch. But take a look at the picture of the scary looking redhead. Look at the white board. Evidently, her name is Marissa Valeri and she claims to be a Roman Catholic. Of course, she is holding forth on 'Primacy of Conscience' and conveniently forgeting about the 'well formed' part. Usual hetrodox garbage. The really strange stuff is in the following line, "Church does not teach the fetus is a person." Bovine feces. This is precisely what the Church does teach. Where do they get this stuff?
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