Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Build-A-God Workshop

My mom is a teddy bear junky. (Which makes Christmas and her birthday easy for me; I just get her a bear.) Her office gave her a gift certificate for a bear from the Build-A-Bear Workshop. It was my job to take her down to cash it in. It is rather neat place where one can build a custom bear. (The stuffing machine is rather creepy though. Like a big hypodermic needle that blows the stuffing into a bear.) Great idea for stuffed animals, not a good idea for religion.

It occurs to me that modern liberal religion treats God like one of these teddy bears. Go in and custom build your God according to your own specifications. Don't like God the Father? Fine, make it a girl God. Don't want a God that judges? Fine, take that out and add unconditional and unthinking acceptance. (Maybe this is how the Presbyterians came up with their new names for the Trinity.) At the end you walk out with your own God or rather your own idol. Because a God that is conformed to us, is not the real God. It is just a feel good figment of the imagination.

The real God is the one who revealed Himself to us in the person of Christ. The real God is the one that we conform ourselves to.
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