Saturday, July 01, 2006

A Blog of My Very Own

I have been commenting enough on other people's blogs, so I thought it was time to start my own.

And so I will start with a word about the title. Back at the seminary in the bad old Good Bye, Good Men days of the early 90s, we developed all sorts of code words to express our dissatisfaction, shall I even say anger, with the hetrodox atmosphere we found ourselves in. (Praise God, that particular seminary has improved markedly in the last decade or so.) Thus, the more traditional fellows refered to ourselves as bitter, short for pinched and bitter. We also developed a hypothetical device, the Orthometer. Think of a Geiger Counter for orthodoxy. One could ask, "How high does that class rate on the Orthometer?" Or, if a conversation was getting out of hand, one could say, "Careful, we are setting off the Orthometer in the rector's office." Anyway, it is as good a title for a blog as anything else I could come up with .
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